Motivate and create a positive attitude.

Having motivated and engaged employees would better your overall business result.

I think you can agree with me that being motivated to do anything is a blessing. It is more fun and it is easier on you both mentally and physical. We have all had to do things we actually did not want to do; political or social pressure made us do it anyhow. It always feels very good when such tasks are avoided or ‘survived’. However, most of us have been involved in some team sport  where we have learnt that whenever everybody’s attitude is positive and the purposes are clear it is a positive to be part of that team. There is no difference in the working environment. Many studies has have been conducted to show the impact of the paycheck.  The result is always the same, the size or increase of the paycheck has almost nothing to do with how engaged people are.

As a matter of fact the paycheck is that pressure to participate, whether one wants or not. In this case the pressure is economical;  it is still a pressure one could do well without. So political, economical or social pressure just masks the willingness to accomplish something.

Think about it for a second; why were you feeling good about the team at that time when things worked so well? Yes, you felt you made an impact and were part of the action, there is nothing we like more.

It is obvious that you can do a lot here by yourself, as the leader of your team. By being open and learning how to delegate. Delegation is the key ingredient in creating this feeling in your team. Having open channels and honest communication is another important factor. However, it is hard to both run the show – be part of it – and teach the team how to react and appreciate the situation. It is easy to become the one who sounds like he 'knows it all' then you know that then you are no longer a part of the team, so your input is of no value. I suggest that an outsider getting the ball rolling and you being part of the team makes you able to achieve this team sensation I talked about earlier. Once the concept is there and the team has their first victory under their belt, it is so much easier to make new goals and be part of the solution.

You know that I guarantee that first result. You and I can establish the goal and make sure we reach it for your success. It is worth us meeting to see how we can accomplish this. I will not take on the task if I do not have your full support and understanding of how to make it happen. To  set an appointment for one of my available times click .