Implementing team work and achieving real company goals.

My program for enhancing effective team work  in the organization is built on my experience from over 30 years of such work. I have learned the following:

1.   Sending people to a resort to become team players or improve their personality is not working. Yes, it can make people learn to know each other better and it will be considered a break of the everyday monotony. However, it has many draw backs

a.   It is costly.

b.   The initial enthusiasm fades  very quickly.

c.    The daily work load will be transferred to others causing irritation.

d.    The experience was totally unrelated to your organization.

e.    It is totally impractical to send the whole team to the same course.

f.     Many other things takes away from the focus of enhancing work        `related situations.

2.   Having people attending classes on their own after work is less costly otherwise it has similar drawbacks.


3.   My solution:

a.    There is no cost for per diem or travel as the program is facilitated in your conference room or similar place on at your site.

b.    The program goes on for at least ten weeks (only 2 hours per week) and in between we have ‘home work’ that accomplishes a repetition that is required for any learning to last over time.

c.    There is no need to transfer the workload. Two hours is a delay most situations can deal with and in worst case one can interrupt the program for an emergency.

d.    My program deals with goals you and I set up. We will involve people we want to work such goals with together; as I do not understand your industry as you do. I am just going to hold the team accountable for reaching the goals. Once we reach the goal they know the good feeling of having been part of accomplish something.

e.    We will make sure we have  the whole team participating. It will give feedback in our trademark communications triangle leader – implementer – participants and reverse.  Thus, giving you all the information you need to improve your team.

f.     The focus is on a short meeting; not too long that focus cannot be kept, nor so brief that focus cannot be obtained.



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