Rewarding strategies

Salaries do not motivate – engagement does.

We know about the different types of motivation there is. It is no news there.

 Yes, in certain situations fear motivation works just fine. If you hold a hostage or if you have secrets, which are less valuable than the threat you are offered it will work. However, once you decide that you can handle the consequences better than the opposition can handle not to have it their way fear motivation is totally dead.

Incentive motivation works as well. It actually works better for two reasons. You can increase the rewards for ever as long as you can afford it. It also tends to make you come to a deal with mutual friend ship as a result. However, when you cannot improve the previous incentive you will receive no more effort to make things work more effective.

If you can make people have an interest in achieving the goals for their own fulfillment than you are a winner and the best part – your employees are also winners. The reason we tend to disbelieve this formidable truth is that we are conditions to believe in the zero sum game. We do believe that if one of us have a windfall someone else must lose. We believe in “You got what you pay for”.  Reality is that in the majority of situations it is a win / win or a lose / lose theme that is the result.  The problem is that all involved have to subscribe to that philosophy and it takes a joint effort to get there. 

You need to be reconditioned and so does your team as a whole if this is your problem. I can facilitate this transformation and get rhythm of the false conditioning click here and set up an appointment where I will show you how and why. .