Decisions in the front line.

Get more out of each individual; individuals looking forward to the workday..


You know that we have much more capacity than we believe. For example we only use 20 to 25% of our brain capacity.  

Not feeling like being part of a solution makes people un-interested in doing anything else but make the slow and very disengaging workday go by at a faster pace. We all know that being forced to fulfill a task and have very little impact on either how or why, kills work moral. It is easy to improve effectiveness with 20% - that is one employee per every five!

In addition, if one is engaged  one will likely extend oneself to accomplish the joint goals, not only personal goals.  No need for cumbersome scripts and policies.


I know that this is controversial.


Open your mind to what I am saying here, and I think you will agree:


” All decisions should be taken as close to the action as possible, and it is possible to take the decision very close in most cases”.  

Policies and scripts alienate people coming in contact with your organization.

They also take a lot of time from senior management to design, implement, enforce etc. That is time from your most valuable employees playing politicians and police men. Instead they should be there to support  improvement and market facilitation.


In addition, you probably need to change the way you evaluate your newly hired people.  Again, controversial “Selecting the person with the right attitude for the team and developing his / her industry skills is far better than the contrary”. I have assessment programs to facilitate these types of hiring strategies.


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