All objections gone - no risk - only an upside!

Based on a study I have eliminated all known reasons I am not the right choice to help you achieve better result


 A recent study of 576 clients by the
professional consultant newsletter uncovered the 9
hidden fears that stop people
from hiring a consultant (or coach). Take a

1. Fear that the consultant is incompetent. Many
respondents indicated that
consultants talk a good line, but may not have the
know-how to back up their talk. 

My 100% money back guarantee backs up my 'talk'.

2. Fear that the consultant is incapable of being
properly managed or directed by
employees of the client organization. Some
respondents were concerned that they will lose
control of their management prerogatives if they
engaged a take-charge consultant.

My only interest is in showing your employees

How well you have chosen your third party supporter.

3. Fear that the fee charged by the consultant is
too high. While fewer than 21
percent of the respondents shop or compare fees,
many are concerned that they may be paying too
much for the services that are being provided.

I guarantee you a positive ROI or you pay nothing.

4. Fear that the consultant is too busy with other
client work to expend the time
required or provide the resources necessary for
doing the job right in the time allotted. Some
respondents indicated that consultants spend a
great deal of time in the marketing stage of the
consultant-client relationship trying to impress
the client with how busy they are and how
important their client list is

I am not there to impress you, only help your company;

 while on assignment, my time is your time.

5. Fear that the need for a consultant is an
expression of the client's own failures
or limitations. In some fields it is fashionable
to use consultants. In others needing a consultant
is still viewed as an admission that something is

I know you are laughing at this one because

you know that I can only get results with organizations

that are progressive and open minded toward

input from a third party.

6. Fear of disclosure of sensitive proprietary
data to a relative stranger. A serious
concern, especially among small corporate and
high-tech clients, was that consultants will not
be discreet with the information obtained as a
result of interaction with the client

My goal is to share some of the experience I have

Accrued over the years. I will sign an  NDA 

The only way I will talk about our co-operation is

in form of a letter of referral; which means

you are in total control of what is said.



7. Fear that the client organization has not
properly diagnosed the problem.
Interestingly, it is not the consultant's
diagnosis that concerned some respondents but
rather their own. These clients are concerned that
their incorrect or incomplete
information will result in the consultant's
spending a lot of expensive time without


My 100% money back /  ROI guarantee

make this idea obsolete.

8. Fear that the consultant will not be impartial.
There are two issues of concern
here. The obvious one is that the consultant will
have some priority other than the
client's interest, which will color the
consultant's objectivity. However, even the most
ethical, disciplined consultants are prone to see
the solution to all problems in terms of more
consulting – the second issue of concern. 

I am a LMI franchisee that ensures that we

follow a proven program that is the same for

all LMI franchisees and has been so for 50 years.

Secondly, and  partly the reason for this email,

you know how to say no if you are hesitant.

I hope we have eliminated some of that by now.

9. Fear of developing a continuing dependency for
the consultant's services.
Respondents expressed a minor concern that they
would never rid themselves of the

need for the consultant's unique service. 

Once again, this is not your problem; I know there

is a limit for how much I can bring to an

organization  and still be valuable.


If you can give me another reason I will try to eliminate that as well. Let us meet and see if I have the answers. I think I have and then we can work out a strategy – how to get to a better result. Schedule an appointment at